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About myclinicspace

Myclinicspace is an exercise library that your health professional can use to prescribe high quality video and image exercises to help you achieve your goals, whether you are recovering from injury or surgery, have a specific musculoskeletal condition, or want to improve your conditioning for sport.

We have hundreds of exercises for improving flexibility, joint range, core stability and strength. Most of our exercises do not require any expensive equipment and are designed to be easily performed at home.

If your health professional already uses myclinicspace.com, you will be able to register and access the exercises they have prescribed for you for FREE using the password key they have given you. If they are not already using us and you would like to try us out, let them know about us. We will give them 10 free credits, with no obligation, when they register.

High quality photos and videos

Our images and videos are all high definition. We will continue to upgrade and improve image quality on our site.

Simple navigation

We have designed the navigation to be simple and easy to follow. Click on the menu icons to access your most recent exercise prescription, videos or review your exercise prescription history.

To change your email or password or to close your account, click on your account icon.

Ready to give us a try ?

Speak to your health professional if you would like them to use us. When they register we will give them 10 FREE credits so they can try us without obligation.

If you have been given your password key already, click here to retrieve your exercises.